Best Emailing Services 2022

Emailing is the most used way of communication from businesses, organizations, and Enterprises to their clients. There are many emailing services available, but not every one of them can be easily trusted. So, we’re going to tell you our top 8 picks of the best emailing services you can use.

Best Mailing Services 2022


Gmail is an advertising-supported email service that is at the number one position of the most used emailing services in the world, provided by Google. Users may access Gmail through all major web browsers and through downloading the mobile application for Android and iOS.

  • Hushmail

Hushmail is an encrypted email service that protects your privacy. It is one of the most popular email providers for people who care about their online security. Hushmail uses AES encryption to save your emails from any type of harm.

  • Mail is the one-stop solution for all your emailing and communication needs. With millions of users from around the world, is one of the most used emailing services that is available. In addition, offers a mobile application that lets you access your emails from wherever you are.

  • SafeMail

Safemail uses end-to-end encryption to secure all your emails and attachments from any type of viruses. In addition, you can send files of every size without worrying about the size limits because you can send unlimited files of huge sizes easily.

  • Alice Mail

Alice Mail is an email service that offers a secure and private way to send emails. It uses end-to-end encryption, which means that the emails that are sent or received can’t be seen by anyone except you and the sender/receiver. Not even Alice Mail can view your emails as compared to other similar services who can.

  • Outlook

Outlook formerly Hotmail is another great choice if you’re looking for a safe and secure web-mailing service. Outlook is a service provided by Microsoft, which clarifies how secure it is. Outlook currently has over 400 Million+ users and is growing every day.

  • AOL Mail

AOL Mail is no doubt one of the first emailing services that came into existence. It was released in early 1991 and was only to help people connect online. Since that time, it has grown a lot and now has over a billion active users.

  • Lycos Mail

Lycos is a well-known search engine and an emailing client based in the United States. Lycos Mail is one of the safest emailing services available, but the downside is they stopped offering free accounts in 2018, and now users have to pay a monthly subscription.

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